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Stanford 10 Online Testing

How does the online testing work and why should I use it?

Online testing is an efficient and innovative method to evaluate student performance for Grade Levels 4-12. (Students below Grade Level 4 will take the paper tests.) With online assessments you get automated capture, real-time reporting and scoring, and immediate normative analysis. There is no physical commitment on the part of school administrators to store, distribute, organize, and ship booklets and answer documents. The online testing format has minimal computer system requirements and provides computer readiness downloads and updates. These value-added benefits to test administrators and support staff dramatically reduce the investment of time and energy when evaluating student achievement.


  • Accelerated scoring and reporting provide simplified reports in minutes and hours.
  • Assessments can be administered to a few students at a time (based on computer availability), while the rest of the students continue with their regular PACE work.
  • Students take the test individually, at their own pace, possibly easing some anxiety resulting from taking the test in a group setting.
  • Innovative and robust technology is beneficial for large and small schools.

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Step 2 – Place your Order

  1. Each student taking the Stanford 10 Online assessment will require his own license.
  2. Determine the number of students who will be taking the assessment so that you can order the appropriate number of licenses.
  3. Keep in mind that the Stanford 10 Online assessment is only available to students in Levels 4-12.
  4. You are now ready to place your order. Complete and submit the Stanford 10 Online Test Order Form.
  5.   Order Dates Testing Dates
    Fall Testing June 30-September 30 July 1-October 15
    Spring Testing November 30-April 20 March 4-May 15